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A coaching membership where we support each other, learn from each other and grow together to help you build the happy and thriving love life you've always wanted.

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How different would your world be if you no longer struggled with your love life?  

Or if you understood how to find love and be in an amazing relationship? 

And if you finally felt like you were making progress in this area of your life?

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Hey, beautiful friend!

Do you agree dating can be a minefield? Love can feel confusing, and relationships can be hard to navigate?

I get it I used to think this too.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Why?

Because I know when you have the right information, tools, support and guidance it makes it possible for you to understand why your love life is in a rut, and helps you work out what you can do to break free of it.

And this is the mission of the Thrive in Love Academy. 


I get it. Dating and relationships are hard. So, let me know if any of these sound like you:

  • No matter what try you never meet the right guy nothing works.
  • You feel like maybe you’re just meant to be single forever you’re settling and telling yourself you’re ok with it.
  • Because the media and society have sold you that love and relationships are these perfect things that work a certain way and happen easily. You feel like there must be something wrong with you.
  • You know your relationship could be better but you can’t figure out how to do anything about it so you’ve been trucking along all by your lonesome, leaving you drained and unmotivated.
  • You wish you had a community to learn from and support you along the way, but you have no idea where to start looking.

Want to know a secret?

Learning to thrive in dating and relationships doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. I make it simple.

You don’t have to scrounge the internet for tips and tools hoping they might help. And you don’t have to settle in any area of your love life. I’ve got you covered.

Working on your relationship to make it strong and healthy doesn’t need to be heavy and stressful. And trying to attract the relationship you want doesn’t need to be draining or confusing. I make it fun!

And working with a professional doesn't need to be inaccessible for you. I've made it affordable.

You don’t have to keep trying to figure all of this out on your own. I’ve got a slew of experience, teachings, tools and tricks ready to help women just like you to keep you motivated on your quest to have the most AMAZING and FULFILLING love life.


The Thrive in Love Academy is a coaching membership where we support each other, learn from each other and grow together to help you build the happy and thriving love life you've always wanted.


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The Thrive in Love Academy is tailored to helping women who are struggling with relationships. So, if that’s what you need you’ve come to the right place! 

The Academy will help you: 


If these results sound enticing, it's no coincidence! It was women just like you that I had in mind when I created the Thrive in Love Academy. So, if you finally want to make progress in your love life, read on to find out how it works.

The Academy is perfect for you if you are single and ready to change the results in your love life 

The Academy is designed to support you and give you best practices to help propel you forward and thrive in dating and love.

Topics we cover include: 

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Hey there you!

If you’re here, then it’s not accidental. Maybe you spoke to the universe and asked for help to achieve your heart’s desire in finding a partner or to improve a relationship you’re currently in.

Guess what? I’m your gift from the universe!

I also guarantee that our path of love has one or many similarities.

So, I want you to know I see you.

I understand how painful and frustrating it is when this area of your life is a sh**show. And no matter what you try things never improve.

But things can be different. You can experience the results in your love life you want.

And I know you’re ready for more that’s why you’re here.

So, I want to invite you to become a part of the Thrive in Love Academy.

The place where I will help you to expand your knowledge and awareness about relationships. Guide and coach you on how to achieve the results in your love life you desire.

I got you. Love

Sarah ❤️

Here's a sneak peek at the topics and issues we'll be covering:

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IMO Disney and romantic comedies really did a number on a lot of us! 

We painted pictures in our heads of how we thought life was going to work out for us.

From when we were little, we thought we would meet the dream man, live in the dream house, and have the dream career. 

All in all, life would be this perfect existence. 

And the thing was for years we fully believed that dream. 

But as we experienced real-life this belief was flipped on its head. And we realised that the dream Disney ending isn’t a given and actually nothing about our reality represents the dream we once had.


Sarah Duff portrait

In fact, we are living in an extreme opposite which leaves us wondering WTF went wrong?

  • What makes us get into a relationship and lose ourselves? Perhaps giving up friends, family, places and things we love doing in the process.
  • Why do we continually attract the wrong guys and repel the right ones?
  • What is it in us as women that means men never want to commit? Is it us or is it them?
  • Why is it that we can be in a relationship but spend a lot of time worrying that we’re missing out on something better?
  • Why do we feel unsure if we’re on the right track, maybe wondering if we’ve settled for a particular relationship out of fear?

These questions are hard to answer. But very important. Because the perfect Disney dream ending might be not realistic. But this doesn’t mean that you have to settle for results that are not what you desire and leave you unfulfilled.


So, when did you decide you were ok with settling for a love life you aren't happy with? And what if it didn’t have to be this way for you?

What if you were sure of who you are and had the confidence and strength to always be yourself in relationships? Not continuously sacrificing your wants and needs for someone else.

What if you could date with confidence but without stress, never doubting in your mind that you will meet the right person for you? No longer allowing ghosting or bad dating experiences to mean anything about your lovability or worth. 

What if you were no longer stuck repeating the same dating and relationship patterns with no idea why? And you actually had the solution to break the cycle?

What if you understood better how to keep the relationship you were in evolving and thriving?

What if you were no longer getting in your own way of achieving your heart’s desires?

What if someone took your hand and guided you through exactly what you needed to be successful in love and relationships?

How would the rest of this year look like if you had support, accountability, a safe space and a squad of cheerleaders championing your heart, purpose and beautiful self to make YOUR dreams (not the Disney standards) a reality?

How would that feel for you? 

The Thrive in Love Academy provides you with the structure and focuses you need to build positive habits, making the breakthroughs you need to create internal shifts that will completely change your love life.


It’s designed to equip you with the essential tools and support you need to build the mindset that will help you find a fulfilling relationship that will transform your love life.


If you’re tired of having a love life that is mediocre and weighing you down and you’re up for changing it, I’m here to show you exactly what you need to change so you can finally thrive in love.

The monthly breakdown


The monthly investment 


Month to month


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  • 3-month commitment

3 months

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  • Full access to all calls and content and community


When I originally reached out to Sarah I felt completely isolated and just generally "stuck" in unhealthy life/relationships patterns.

Through working with her I've been given the gift of clarity and a better understanding of lifelong triggers/situations that cause discomfort and how to overcome those. I now feel more peace and am embracing my life in ways I have not done in years.

I will forever be grateful for the gifts of self-awareness and love she has helped me discover. 


I always told myself, there must be something wrong with me. That’s why no man wants to be with me. That’s why I keep attracting the wrong guys & getting dumped after a few months. I really felt I had no ability to change things for myself.

But Sarah has shown me that I can CHANGE EVERYTHING. And I have! I met someone and am in a happy relationship. Sarah


Working with Sarah is like having my BFF as my daily life coach she always knows the right questions to ask & the best tools to use so I keep moving forward in all areas of my life.


I cannot believe the difference this work I have done with Sarah has made to the relationship I have with myself.I feel more peaceful & empowered about who I am which has positively impacted how I show up in my life in all areas and I have started to make big exciting plans for my future.


The power of not continuing to try doing this alone

If you've ever struggled with the feeling like you’re the only one who struggles when it comes to your love life.


I've been there and it feels really lonely and crappy that's why I want you to be in my squad. 

Together we can elevate & motivate each other, without trying to fix one another.

 We will be there to support and hold a safe space for each other to be held, seen, to have fun and try new things. 

We will help each other grow. And when you have a squad behind you, you will experience much bigger shifts. Even if you feel you can do it alone or you feel hesitant because you find it difficult to connect – reach out and experience the power of a group of women coming together to celebrate each other.

In fact......

When you witness the success of others in an area where you are struggling, your mind actually sees that success and feels expanded so it logs it as “oh ok so that’s possible.” So, the more you can witness that what you want is happening for others, the more you believe it’s possible for you.

What this community won’t be: 

  • A group where you get caught up in others' life shit & you feel, you have a duty to “fix” others. Which results in you focusing on everything that's wrong and getting brought down.
  • A group where “support” group feels heavy and toxic so you can’t bear going into there.

This squad is about honouring experiences and emotions but getting out of ruts. We’re all about moving forward and evolving.

This membership is about more than teaching you and arming you with the tools you need to finally get the results you want in your love life.


It’s about building a connected community that will support, elevate and hold each other accountable for taking the steps necessary to have internal shifts that will result in you having a thriving love life.


I am on a mission to help you be your own hero and attract a relationship that continues to add value to your life effortlessly!
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How the membership will help you save Time, Money and Energy.

Oodles of energy and hours per month saved doing stuff that doesn't get you the results you want.

£15 saved per month on dating and relationship self-help books/workbooks that you get read but not actioned or never get opened.

£7 per month on random ebooks generally get read but not actioned or go straight into your hard drive graveyard.

£2.99 per month for the extra storage you need for all the courses and downloads.

£100 saved per month on clothes, makeup, and other short-lasting pick-me-ups to make you feel better about things.

£30 per week spent on coffee and food as a pick me up because you didn't sleep well worrying and stressing about your love life.

Money time and energy

Sarah is an online dating and relationship coach who uses a combination of her professional training and real-life experience to help women improve their relationships with themselves. Find themselves and their purpose. And to thrive in love.


Sarah Duff happy

She is on a mission to help you be your own hero and attract a relationship that continues to evolve and add value to your life.


Before Sarah met her partner things in her love life always went one of 4 ways: 

  • The guy would be a complete no-no from the off.
  • She would be ghosted.
  • She would be really into him, get drunk, sleep with him on the first date or second date and then never hear from him again.
  • It might last a few weeks. They would be really intense in the beginning but the more she began to like him the more he began to pull away. 

This is when she would spend weeks with horrible anxiety tummy butterflies, which at the time she mistook for chemistry.

These times would send her into a dark spiral feeling like she was going to be alone forever. Because she believed she was unloveable

After realising her patterns turning 40, she decided things had to change.

She knew she was at a crossroads and had choices to make. She could continue taking the same actions which kept resulting in the same outcomes.

Or she could decide to do something different.

She chose the latter.

And began the journey of figuring out what she needed to do to shift things for herself.

And after finding a process and a strategy that worked things began to change. The men she began attracting on were different.

And she actually met her boyfriend on Tinder (the app she swore was only for hookups!)

Sarah believes that when you make the shifts and have the right strategy you can and will attract the partner you want.

The life and love you want, does truly want you back.
No MATTER your age, your background, your history, YOU have the power to change your love life.

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