Hear from some of my wonderful clients

Deciding and starting to work with Sarah as my coach has quickly proven to be the best decision I have made. I feel like I have gotten out of the rut I have been stuck in this year and I am feeling a big shift in my approach to myself and the world around me.

Sarah helped me discover my inner strength and is encouraging me daily to trust myself. I’ve learned how to distinguish between the voice of my ego, inner child and higher self which made my life so much more peaceful and harmonious.

Self-love, compassion and kindness are becoming a part of my daily life now and I can say I am truly content with my life so far and very excited about the future.Sarah is helping me unlock my true potential and create a healthy loving relationship with the most important person in my life – me.

Tanja from London

I cannot believe the difference this work I have done with Sarah has made to the relationship I have with myself.

I feel more peaceful & empowered about who I am which has positively impacted how I show up in my life in all areas and I have started to make big exciting plans for my future.I now value myself as a human and have let go of the belief that I need to "fix" myself before I can enjoy my life and I can't explain how liberating that feels. 

This work can be tough but it's definitely life-changing and so worth it but you need a Sarah to call you out on your BS!!

Marie from France

After being in therapy for months I came back to coach with Sarah a second time and the endless number of "ahha" moments Sarah has helped me unlock are helping to teach me to accept and love me fully now and to feel excited for the future that I am creating through our work together.

Working with her is like having my BFF as my daily life coach she always knows the right questions to ask & the best to tools to use so I keep moving forward in all areas of my life. 

Angelique from Texas

I am not in war with my body anymore. I am not in war with food.
I wish I could tell you the feeling I feel in my stomach writing this. I have been in war with my body from the age of 14 until now. I am 42. I have tried so many diets. I thought that thin equals happy.

The things I achieved with Sarah by my side is just amazing. I trust myself. I love myself the way I am now and knowI am capable of anything. That is the best feeling in the world!

Malin from Sweden

After working through the course I definitely feel more settled and able to cope when things are not the way I would like them to be! My inner voice is more supportive and I have practical steps to take with my awareness so I can actually begin living my life differently.

I enjoyed the course - I feel I had good awareness but it was so good to revisit some things and really challenge some of my inner narratives. Overall it was interesting, insightful, a good challenge and well-paced.

If I had to summarize one key learning is that its ok to do things in small parts - it doesn’t have to be all or nothing!
As a coach Sarah is supportive, friendly, holds you accountable and doesn’t let you away with the wee stories that you tell yourself and doesn’t allow you to bullshit her or yourself. I have actually recommended the course to some of my friends.

Overall her energy is very empowering!

Suzanne from Scotland

I am a 58-year-old woman worth knowing! I am no longer defined by the stories I’ve attached to my lifetime of experiences. I had a lot of crap in my “backpack of life”. The weight of it all became unbearable recently, and I made the decision to invest in myself by working with Sarah as my coach through Your Time to Thrive program. I’ve gone to counseling on and off throughout the years, and I can honestly say that working with Sarah has been the best decision I’ve ever made for myself and the most life changing!

I’ve come to know and understand myself through the modules and lessons she shares in a way I never imagined. I’ve been able to unlock and undo limiting belief patterns that I’ve held for 50+ years. I’m telling you it’s never too late! I have learned to love and accept myself as the truly incredible woman I am. Because I’ve developed a better, healthier relationship with myself, I’ve been enjoying better relationships with the people in my life. It almost feels like magic, but it’s real and due to the work I’ve put in with Sarah’s guidance and support. I’m living the life I want to live and thriving! I have the tools and skills to continue to grow into the best version of myself

Michele Doll

My life was chaotic, physically and emotionally painful due to overwhelming, badly managed and undealt with emotions.  I was bogged down with resentment, anger, control-freak issues, obsessions and regrets that were sapping the life from me and made me into something I know deep down I wasn’t born to be or feel.

Sarah is very easy to talk to and I really felt comfortable opening up to her, and showing my vulnerable, sad, hurt self.

Sarah’s positive support and gentle, but firm tough love

I went into this course with my own idea of what I’m going to do and get out of it, but as usual the Universe had a different plan to reign in my controlling ways!!  I discovered that my wounded inner child was what needed work on, and still does, and what came up throughout my journaling and meditating sessions was quite an “aha” moment and explains so much.  It was so good to acknowledge this, and learn how to release it and soothe the inner child.

It was also quite a relevation to discover that I can actually journal and write about things, that I always thought I would never be able to and resisted in doing.  I never believed in the power of journaling and working through issues via that tool.

I’m going to really miss my fun, informative and down-to-earth chats with Sarah - they were my highlight of the course!!


Sam from S. Africa

Being one of Sarah´s clients was a life-changing decision. Her help, enthusiasm, empathy made me believe that things can actually transform for us if we believe we can and have the right guidance.‚Äč Thanks to her polyhedric nature I could receive consistent support in various areas of my life: nutrition, health, movement, feelings management.

 I discovered that emptying my mind with release writing, stop recycling thoughts, are one of the ways to succeed in your life goals.

Manuella, Italy

Before working with Sarah I would be successful for a few months but always end up back at square one. I can now see the obstacles that have been holding me back and making me sabotage."

I am now more able to spot old patterns as they come up and respond to them differently before they spiral. I feel like I have my life back as I am not spending all my free time in the pantry eating!!

Ronna, Indiana