Hand with a heart self love

Self-love coaching isn't about candlelight baths & face masks it's about changing your entire life results by strengthening  the foundation of everything which is the relationship you have with yourself.

Sarah Duff self-love coach

Is Self-Love coaching what you need? 


Let's find out I want you to answer the following questions.

1️⃣Do you feel a lack of confidence or self-worth?

2️⃣Is there a part of you that feels like you don't measure up to others

3️⃣Do you feel like an imposter sometimes, especially at work or when you're doing something new?

4️⃣Do you have trouble balancing your family, work and life?

5️⃣Do you struggle with time management and saying NO because you worry about losing people’s acceptance if you say no?

6️⃣Is your body or self-image making you uncomfortable? Do you feel self-conscious about public speaking or when you're socialising?

7️⃣Do you hesitate to put yourself first (aka self-care)?

8️⃣Do you obsess and worry too much about what others are thinking about you?

9️⃣Do you use food to alleviate stress? Do you eat to distract?  Forget to eat or mindlessly eat the wrong kind of food?

🔟Do you have a troubled relationship with money? Do you feel unworthy and uncomfortable about selling or making money?

1️⃣1️⃣Do you have trouble staying focused? Do you get distracted easily with great ideas but often never follow through - then you end up feeling overwhelmed and directionless? 

1️⃣2️⃣Do you self-sabotage? And even though often you know you’re doing it, nothing you try to do stops you?

1️⃣3️⃣Do you have a history of unhealthy toxic relationships?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions then YES self-love coaching is what you need if you're tired of struggling and not experiencing the results you want in your life then I invite you to apply to see if you're a good fit to work with me.

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My life was chaotic, physically and emotionally painful due to overwhelming, badly managed and undealt with emotions.  I was bogged down with resentment, anger, control-freak issues, obsessions and regrets that were sapping the life from me and made me into something I know deep down I wasn’t born to be or feel.

Sarah is very easy to talk to and I really felt comfortable opening up to her, and showing my vulnerable, sad, hurt self.

Sarah’s positive support and gentle, but firm tough love

I went into this course with my own idea of what I’m going to do and get out of it, but as usual the Universe had a different plan to reign in my controlling ways!!  I discovered that my wounded inner child was what needed work on, and still does, and what came up throughout my journaling and meditating sessions was quite an “aha” moment and explains so much.  It was so good to acknowledge this, and learn how to release it and soothe the inner child.

It was also quite a relevation to discover that I can actually journal and write about things, that I always thought I would never be able to and resisted in doing.  I never believed in the power of journaling and working through issues via that tool.

I’m going to really miss my fun, informative and down-to-earth chats with Sarah - they were my highlight of the course!!


Sam from S. Africa

Thrive with Duff client Sam from South Africa