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About Thrive with Duff 

Your mind is like a giant filing cabinet and I’m here to show you how to organise and take charge of yours so you can manifest the results you want for yourself and your life.


Imagine a life where your head was full of more supportive & positive thoughts and less of the judgy, negative ones wouldn’t that mindset completely change how you approach your life and feel about yourself?

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Welcome to my online home!! Cosy right?

Hi, my name is Sarah Eleanor Duff born on March 23rd 1978. I am a dating and self-love coach who helps women break negative relationship patterns, heal their relationship with themselves and manifest everything they desire in love and life.

I’ve lived a colourful life full of mistakes and struggles with self-worth. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to dating and men. And I really thought I was going to be the old cat lady!

But at the age of 40, I began to turn a corner as I healed my relationship with myself. As I shed the layers of programming and false beliefs I had been buying into things really began to shift internally and externally.

And I actually manifested my amazing partner at age 42 and we have been in this wonderful long-distance relationship for 2 years! (London -NYC)

Anyway one day all of this will be a book! Because let’s just say between the above and the years I spent hardcore partying, 12 years as an international air hostess, the endless man drama, and a few years spent in the world of bodybuilding dabbling with fitness modelling I’ve got some stories!!

 In a nutshell.
I'm here to help you figure out your relationship vision, the type of partner you want and the healing work that you personally need to do to love yourself more and manifest these into your reality.
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Because here’s the truth… Your external world is a reflection of the beliefs you have and the thoughts you think over and over.

Change your beliefs and thoughts and you will change your life.

How do I know this is true? Because I've experienced it first hand in my own transformation journey.

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On my 40th birthday, I took a trip to New York and this was a pivotal moment for me! 
For 12 years I had travelled the world as a flight attendant and this was the first time I had travelled solo. On that trip, I spent a lot of time reflecting and realised I wasn't happy and my life wasn't filling me up.
It wasn't that my life was awful. But there was a big disconnect inside of me.
I had never managed to be in a healthy relationship. I felt empty & lost on the inside, although you would have never have known it. Sooo many people in my life were pretty shocked when I started to open up and be honest about what was going on.
I spent a lot of my life using alcohol and drugs to escape how I felt inside. And since leaving the airline industry a few years before this trip. I had replaced those with obsessive exercise and diet. And what was going on my friend underneath the hood was I didn't feel attractive enough or good enough.
And in my mind, I thought getting a perfectly ripped physique was going to be the answer to all my problems.
But the more I tried to "fix" myself the worse things seemed to get. I didn't feel better myself I felt worse. And nothing in my life was changing.
So I began to believe that my life was never going to be the way I wanted it to be.
That because there was something wrong with me that I couldn't "fix" I would never get what I wanted.
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I didn't decide I was going on a journey of healing (didn't know it was a thing!) All I knew was this...

I wanted to feel different. I wanted my life to be different and the reality had hit that I was then the only person who could make it happen. I didn't know how but I knew I had to figure it out.
So I put my big girl panties on and took full responsibility for myself. And this when my healing and ultimately my transformation journey began.
I had experienced a lot of "little t" trauma throughout my childhood, teens and beyond. (I’m yet to meet a human who hasn’t) Which I had parked and never dealt with because I didn’t think it impacted me.
But reaching my 40’s and realising that things were not working out how I wanted them to.
I had to face up to this reality...
That the external fixes I had been leaning on to try and “fix” me were not the answer. And the time had come for me to look at what was really going on underneath my own hood!!
And oh boy when that thing was lifted I realised how many recurring patterns I had. My negative thoughts. Continually attracting the unavailable men. My unhealthy avoidance habits and over and a fuck ton more.
And this is ironic because I was helping clients join dots and see their patterns. But had never gone deep into my own internal world, I was an edge "skirter", a dabbler but never a plunger! (we tend to teach/ coach/ give amazing advice on the things we ourselves need the most.)
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On my journey to manifesting loving myself and ultimately my parther... 

I spent a lot of £££ and tried a whole load of stuff that didn’t help me shift my negative relationship patterns with myself or others.

But I finally figured it out!

And now I am here to help you through a combination of inner and outer work that addresses your unique dating and relationship struggles. To break out of the cycles, you've been stuck in for years.
I got you let's do this. 
Live -Love-Thrive  
Sarah 💫💫
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My purpose...

Is to share my professional training mixed with my own real-life experience. To give you the tools, practices & perspective that will transform you and put you on the faster path to the relationship and life you want.
I'm here to help you manifest everything you fucking want. To show you how to ignite the fire inside of you and step into your power pants pull 'em up high and tight. To help unleash the fucking fabulous woman you are because you deserve to live your life full out being her.
I got you, you got me and together we can help each other thrive.
Hugs, smushes and mad love 
XO Sarah ❤️💫
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