Sarah Duff in a hat and flares

Hi, I’m sarah

I’m a dating and self-love coach (and your new Bestie!) welcome to my online home and I am so “glessed” (grateful &blessed combined!) you found me hiding out in my corner of the internet.

Over the last few years, I have built my career helping women be their most empowered, secure and confident selves so they can enjoy the path to meeting a partner and can create a secure and healthy connection with someone and as result thrive in love.

But, it's been a journey getting here. Because I wasn't always in a place to help people with dating and their romantic relationships.

When I turned 40 I woke up and realised my life was not what I wanted it to be and that I had never managed to be in a healthy, committed long-lasting relationship. At the time I felt so humiliated and ashamed by this truth.

But call it the epiphany of your 40’s. I decided I was no longer willing to sit in these feelings and continue being unsuccessful in romantic relationships. I had to figure out what was really going on and then do something about it. 

And ultimately this catapulted me on a journey to uncover and understand why things were the way they were. 

Which I did!

Bit by bit I uncovered the mystery of why dating, men and relationships had been problematic for me since I was a teenager. 

I went on a path of deep self-discovery, healing and rewiring of my patterns. And in 2020 at the age of 42 on a dating app, I met my partner and am in my first happy, healthy and committed relationship. 


And this is now my mission. 

I am here to help you get out of your own way, end your struggles in dating and relationships and guide you on the path to becoming the most magnetizing version of yourself and attracting the high-value partner you desire to enjoy your life with.

And to this, I use a magical cocktail (imagine a cosmo but better ) that leverages things from my own healing and transformation mixed with psychology-based techniques to give you the tools and techniques that helped me transform the relationship with myself mind-body-soul. And have helped me be in the amazing relationship I am now in with a truly wonderful man.

I got you let's do this. 
Live -Love-Thrive  
Sarah 💫💫
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