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Love After 40 the program that gives you everything you need to uncover & remove your hidden blocks to love and make essential mindset shifts so YOU can date with ease and THRIVE as yourself.

Are you over 40 and feeling like dating is just too hard?

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Before I tell you about this life-changing program let’s be real about who this is for...

As a woman who has a few years under your belt, you’re not up for messing around or wasting more time on men who aren’t clear on what they want or on solutions for your love life struggles that don’t work. 

And you’re savvy enough to know that if what you’ve been trying up to now hasn't been working then you need to try something different AND to find the correct solution to ANY problem you need to know what the ROOT of the problem is in the first place.

Whether you’re a woman who:

  • Never struggled meeting men when she was younger but now it seems so much harder OR you’ve never been that successful in dating and relationships and you doubt that the relationship you want is possible for you.


  • Is sick of playing games -- you want to meet a good man and enjoy a bloody good life together, but the dating pool feels small, the men you meet haven’t got their sh*t together or still aren’t looking for anything serious (they’ve got the Peter Pan, the grass is always greener mindset!)


  • Still feels pain from past failed relationships so taking a risk, letting your guard in and allowing someone in feels scary but you know this isn’t helping you meet someone and sustain the secure and healthy connection needed to create a long-lasting relationship.


  • Struggles with her confidence and feels insecure about getting older -- especially when it comes to her body, skin and how attractive you feel.


  • Feels tempted to give up on a relationship altogether--It's hard enough dating when you're in your 20s or 30s, but it can feel downright impossible when you're over 40. You may feel like you've missed the boat or that dating is no longer for you.

But on the other hand, meeting a sexy best friend to spend time with, enjoy life and grow old together is something you really want. You don’t want to keep doing this life sh*t solo.


  • Feels anxious when you meet someone - has no real idea about what’s the right way to date, how slow or fast to take things, how to know if someone is right for you or if that red flag you think you spotted is real or not. 


You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how Love after 40 will give you the tools, guidance, inspiration and support on your journey to feeling confident in your own skin, dating with ease and meeting the right man for you.

By the end of the program you will have: 


  • Developed a clear relationship vision and an effective dating strategy - Both of these combined will help you attract higher quality matches both through the apps and in real life!


  • Uncovered the blind spots (aka the root of the problem) that hold you back in dating and relationships - Once you see these you can dismantle and remove them so they’re no longer in your way -- you will feel so relieved when you understand what has been really holding you back and feel empowered because you can now change things!


  • Conquered the habits that sabotage you on dates and in relationships - Once you confront your sabotaging dating and relationship habits, you can practise choosing differently and ultimately change your results. BYE-BYE getting in your own way,


  • Engrained key habits and mindset shifts that will not only make dating so much more enjoyable but will also improve your everyday life. - You don’t want to just meet someone to date you want to be in a relationship that feels good and that will continue to grow and evolve into the future so these new habits and mindset shifts will support you in creating this.


  • Learned how to become rejection proof - You will no longer get in a big old negative spiral when things don’t work with a guy OR interpret things that guys do as a reflection of your worth or enoughness -- you will bless them, send them on their way and be happy because you know that “rejection is protection”.


  • Mastered your emotions and energy - Once you master these IT’S GAME CHANGING I mean it!! Why? Mastering these gives you the power to show up being and feeling your best on dates and in life -- you’ll be surprised how much easier it becomes to truly connect with men and how much less you experience things like ghosting or flaky, unavailable dishonest men.


  • Developed and evolved as a woman and watched the ripple effect across your life - When you thrive and evolve as a powerful feminine woman the ripple effect across your external environment is obvious -- you will experience more connections with the RIGHT men and don’t be surprised if things in your career or other areas of your life really start to flourish!


  • Let go of past pain and emotional baggage - Holding on to past baggage and old toxic energy keeps you going stuck feeling the same things and experiencing the same results. You feel so much lighter after a good clear-out and detoxification!


  • Developed a healthy relationship with yourself - based on self-respect, self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance.


Imagine being able to date with ease and confidence no longer being controlled by old insecurities or sabotaging habits – feeling confident, sexy and good about yourself and meeting men with who you feel the connection with, who don't want to play games and are looking for something serious.


Love after 40 is designed specifically for women over 40 who want to find love again. This 12-week course will help you improve your self-confidence, get rid of any bad dating habits, and learn how to date lightheartedly and have fun.


When I came across Sarah on Instagram, I felt instantly drawn to her as I felt I could relate to so many things she was saying. I am in my late thirties and I was trying to navigate the world of dating, and as we all know it’s a daunting world. 

At the time of speaking to Sarah about her group programme I was lost and confused, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong in dating. Men would be really positive about me, and our dates but I couldn’t seem to progress to a relationship and most of the time he would disappear without any notice. I took all of this to heart and thought I was the problem and I wasn’t good enough for any of these men.

After the program, I honestly feel like I have a completely different outlook when it comes to dating, and it feels wonderful. I’ve learnt things about myself and my past that were causing me to believe when anything went wrong in dating it was my fault. I now show up as the person I want to be, and I can now have direct, open and honest conversations with men while dating, and discuss what I am truly looking for in a partner. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still doubt things, but Sarah has given me the tools to work through these and understand why I feel the way I feel. For the first time ever dating has been extremely fun!!



I am Marie, a jewellery designer.

I wanted to work with Sarah because I had previously worked with her and is a big fan.

Her professional experience with many many humans and her own story resonated a lot with me and I knew she would find the words and tips to help me move from being stuck in the love department.

The program is very specific and thorough which I find amazing. It targets and helps you understand how to meet the right person for you. I was just stuck into being scared of getting out there having failed so many times before and repeating the same patterns over and over. 

I also was confused about what I should do now, and how to trust my intuition again. 

After doing the program, I feel more confident in my own choices in general and also in men. I am not scared to get out there dating again. I feel chill about it without putting any kind of pressure on myself.

I also feel aware of the non-negotiables and the red flags I need to pay attention to.

Getting on this program was the right choice because meeting someone is not just about meeting the right person, it is about understanding ourselves first to be able to understand as well what we need, and what we would like in our partner and this program does all of this. And bam Magic!

What's included:  

In phase 1 we establish what your love foundation is and create your future vision.

  • I'll teach you about your Foundational Love Blueprint Profile **
  • I'll help you create your Relationship Vision & get crystal clear on the right partner for you
  • I’ll show you the path to ending self-abandonment and how to love, value, and respect yourself so you can find a partner who does the same.
  • I’ll help you uncover your love blocks and dating patterns so we can move these out of the way in the future phases
  • I’ll teach you how to heal your inner child and attachment wounding
  • I’ll share with you how to begin healing your masculine and feminine energy

**  (Once you have awareness of this EVERYTHING changes.)

In Phase 2 we focus on decluttering and letting go of the stuff - emotional and physical - that makes dating so hard so you have space for what you want

  • I’ll show you what you need to clear and how to remove what is in the way of what you want
  • I'll give you tools and practices to begin deeply healing and re-programming the parts of you that are in conflict with what you want - let go of limiting beliefs and patterns and past pain so you can move forward.
  • I’ll teach you how to use your triggers and emotions to evolve and grow
  • I’ll help you explore your shadow side and integrate the parts of yourself you’ve rejected so you can feel more whole and at peace with yourself



In phase 3 after helping you shed the emotional weight and old ways in phase 2 -- we now focus on transformation into the 2.0 you!

  • I’ll teach about your Personal Power and how to step into it
  • I’ll share with you how to trust your self-worth so it becomes unshakeable regardless of what is happening in your life
  • I’ll help you get clear who you need to be and how to show up in your queen life in queen energy every day.
  • I'll teach you how to embody more of your powerful feminine energy in dating and life!




In phase, 4 we create an effective dating strategy.

  • I’ll teach you how to navigate the early stages of dating and manage your mindset and energy as you get to know someone so you don’t sabotage a good connection
  • I’ll show you the best strategy for ensuring you don’t ignore red flags or end up with history repeating itself again
  • I’ll teach you to be an authentic dater
  • I’ll guide you on creating a 90-day day strategy to manage both the inner and outer game of dating so you can date effectively
  • I’ll show you how and where to meet new matches both on and offline
  • I’ll teach you how to start conversations and communicate with men in an effective way.

Love After 40 Gives you everything you need in the one place! (no more  google rabbit holes!) 

What you get... 

The Content and Support

Top features

  • We work through the modules together over 12 weeks meeting once a week to share your experience & receive coaching. 
  • After the 12 weeks you get continued weekly group support call for 1 year - for a safe space to share, Q&A and receive coaching.
  • Access to the community of like-minded women which is a safe and sacred space to share your wins, ask for support and guidance about the work and things you're experiencing when you date and ask me questions in-between calls
  • An easily accessible portal containing self-paced modules walks you through everything step by step
  • Downloadable workbooks, guides and tools
  • Access to all tools, content and updates for life
  • Accountability shares inside the course portal 

Access to these Energy Healing Tools

Top features

You have access to the Sarah System - a combination of tools that combined with the modules creates a deep transformation:

  • Tapping routines specific to this journey 
  • 2 hypnosis tracks, created by a professional hypnotherapist specifically for this course
  • Healing meditations 

We start...










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Is all of that really necessary?

Something I learnt the hard way is that if you continue to date and get into relationships without addressing your “stuff”, understanding, integrating, and applying new beliefs and standards for how life + love work for you + take a new approach to the dating process.

History has a horrible habit of repeating itself.

So when you move through these phases and approach your healing on all levels(conscious, unconscious, emotional and energetic) This gives you everything you need to build a beautiful and solid relationship with yourself.  Create a kick-ass effective dating strategy. And learn the skills you need to create a healthy and secure connection with someone.

BASICALLY you get everything you need to become secure, confident and date with ease.

And just like that...

You are in the driver's seat of your love life and life -- feelin super buzzed for the future!


My energy has changed and I feel more positive. I have been receiving more opportunities at work(headhunted for jobs!) and the fear to date has gone.


The inner child work was very impactful. Even though I was aware of some of the past trauma, actually "seeing it" and working through it helped me on the road to healing.  

I haven't yet started dating, but I have noticed that I have found my voice. At work, I don't stay quiet anymore and voice my opinions openly. I'm actually looking for new work because I know that I'm worth more than what they're currently paying me and how I'm currently being treated. I've also been more open with sharing my feelings and opinions with my friends and family, not yet to where I can say everything, but I definitely see a difference. I'm getting there. 


If you want to build your confidence, reconnect with who you are and find the world of dating fun, then this course is for you.

It is not just for your love life, I have changed my career after 11 years and truly believe the course helped me to achieve this.  I turned up as my true self in the interview process, believing that I am good enough for this role, to work in this team.  


Be prepared to discover your inner beliefs about love and life and then question them.  Reconnect with the child inside of you and learn to be kind to that little person.  If you’ve not tried mediation or tapping, Sarah has a great introduction into these therapies and it is amazing the effects it has.

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More Feedback snapshots!

"I honestly feel like I have a completely different outlook when it comes to dating, and it feels wonderful."

"For the first time ever dating has been extremely fun!!"

"The program is very specific and thorough which I find amazing. It targets and helps you understand how to meet the right person for you."

"Getting into this program was the right choice because meeting someone is not just about meeting the right person, it is about understanding ourselves first to be able to understand as well what we need, and what we would like in our partner and this program does all of this!  And bam Magic!"

"Looking at the feminine/masculine traits we all have and the impact on our dating lives was very interesting to me, not just from a dating perspective, but in my relationships with my family and work colleagues too."

"I really like how you brought together all kinds of information and modalities, from book recommendations to tapping to meditations, etc.  Nice blend of information and practices. Good progression from one stage to another."

 Love after 40 paves your path to healing the relationship with yourself and realising your worth and value as a powerful woman, and of course, finding the perfect relationship for you. 


It is YOUR personal guide, your toolkit. It’s an empowerment infusion that you will keep coming back to for life as you move through the path of healing, dating, learning to create secure connections and opening up to an incredible life. 


This course is designed to EMPOWER you to EMPOWER yourself to stop shrinking and settling in love and life this course is designed to help you make all your life desires your reality because you are worth it.

Client K - Q&A

What was the most impactful part of the course?

Identification of negative relationship patterns and how these were sabotaging relationships and previous experiences of online dating and relationships.

What have you implemented from what you learned from me?


Making an effort to always be cognizant of negative patterns and behaviours and not allowing myself to fall back into these bad habits/ false beliefs.  

Do you have any results to share? If so, please explain in detail.

Mega results! When we started I defined success as being able to navigate online dating with confidence and trust myself not to fall into negative patterns. It's early days, but I can already see ample evidence that we have ticked this box- BOOM!

Thank you!

UPDATE: K is now in a relationship with a man who is everything she desired!!

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Common Questions 

Book a call -lets see if it's a good fit for you!

In case we haven't met yet...

Hi! I’m Sarah and I know Dating and Relationships.If we haven’t officially met yet nice to meet you!

Not only do I know the exact steps you need to take to drastically improve your love life and feel like the Queen of your life. I've done this in my own life and using my system I’ve helped other women do the same.

Through this magical cocktail of deeper healing work, practical tools & resources -- I help you drastically improve the relationship with yourself -- you know to one where you feel worthy, secure and radiate grounded confidence AND I guide you through everything you need to know to date effectively.

My unique strategy brings together everything you need to transform yourself from the inside out and navigate dating step by step.

Through these methods, I met my amazing partner over 2 years ago and I've helped women just like you work through their "stuff", raise their standards in love and life and evolve into the best version of themselves and as a result, be excited about dating and open to the relationship they want.

I trust the right women will make this investment in themselves and I can't wait to see you evolve through my guidance!

 I KNOW whatever you want in love and life is possible for you... because if it's possible for me it's possible for you.

But I know it isn’t always easy to believe ESPECIALLY if you’ve seen NO evidence in your life to give you any hint that this is true --I get it I do because I didn’t believe it either.

But NOW I KNOW it’s true - I met my partner on Tinder over 2 years ago - the last place I thought it would happen!

And the truth is this...

When you show up in your life as your authentic self -- grounded in confidence, secure about who you are AND what you want AND you're open to receiving what you're asking for-- you are MAGNETIC.

AND truly this means you could meet your partner anywhere, anytime, anyhow.
Just like I did!

I want you to be supported by me and a wonderful group of women just like you as you move through your journey.

Sound good? Book a call - lets see if this is right for you

Doors Open and Your Transformation Begins









And something I know to be true...without having taken the right steps and investing in myself I would still be struggling with the same "stuff" and history would still be repeating itself.