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If we haven’t officially met, my name is Sarah Duff and I know Dating and Relationships. Not only do I know the exact steps you need to take to drastically improve your love life and feel like the Queen of your life. I have done this in my own life and using my system I’ve helped other women do the same.

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Learn 4 Key Steps to Becoming Confident, Secure and Magnetic and Drastically Improving your Love Life so you Can Attract High-Quality Men with Ease!

These strategies have been created to bring together everything you need to know to transform yourself from the inside out and feel confident navigating dating step by step.

By downloading the guide, I'll teach you:

Uncovering the foundation

Properly understand what you need to do to uncover what’s in your personal love foundation that’s holding you back in your love life.

Letting Go

Learn what you need to let go of to feel confident and secure and move forward in your love life.


The Transformation 2.0

Find out what you need to to do create for deep and long-lasting transformation in yourself and in your life.

The dating strategy

Learn key elements of an effective dating strategy

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So...what's the point of these strategies anyway?


Continuing to date without having done the specific inner work you need to do and without having an effective dating strategy isn’t going to help you feel your best or make your relationship dreams and desires a reality. 

These 4 steps will help you understand the exact action you need to take to finally become secure and confident and date with ease. And find the relationship you deserve!

The more you heal old love wounds, rewire patterns from the past so you can show up in your life as a secure, confident and powerful feminine woman the more your dating life will flow with ease!

I’m so honoured to be your guide!

That's not all...

Grab the guide, and I'll also show you:

The foundational love blueprint (FLB)

my secret system for understanding the conscious & unconscious imprinting that creates the results you experience in your romantic relationships. Whether you like them or not the FLB is always creating the results in your love life on default!

The Sarah System

To truly transform yourself and your love life. You have to physically release what has been blocking you and rewire your unconscious patterns.

I share with you the tools I use for deeper healing, processing and releasing past emotional baggage and beliefs, and beginning to deeply reprogram your subconscious mind.

The key to an Effective Dating Strategy

Dating without a strategy can easily lead to dating burnout and just giving up. I am going to share with you the key elements that make an effective dating strategy. (and not many people understand that it takes more than setting up a good profile!)

Call To Action

Hi! I’m Sarah. It’s great to meet you. 

I help women drastically improve their love life and help them feel worthy, secure and confident within themselves and in love through a magical cocktail of deeper healing work, practical tools & resources.

My unique strategy brings together everything you need to transform yourself from the inside out and navigate dating step by step. Through these methods, I have helped women just like you to feel more confident, secure and actually excited about dating.

Can't wait to share this strategy with you and hear what breakthroughs you have. So dig in!



It wasn’t until I really reflected, that I realised how positive the results have been. I feel I am more aware of situations and I know when I am overthinking a situation rather than just being in the moment. I can see myself falling into one of my funks, and I don’t allow myself to slip too far. I accept, process and move forward knowing that it’s going to be okay. I feel I am really starting to believe in my worth as a person. 



Definitely feel happy to meet someone now. I feel relaxed and actually ready to go on a couple of dates and take it as an experiment. This was NOT the case before I started. I was not relaxed about it. I know I won't meet crazy horrible guys because I’m so aware of paying attention to red flags now :)


My energy has changed and I feel more positive. I have been receiving more opportunities at work(headhunted for jobs!) and the fear to date has gone.

Hi my name is Susanne and I am working as an IT Project Manager. I wanted to work with Sarah because I ended a very toxic, narcissistic  and codependent relationship. Even though I ended it, I had a hard time letting that person go for my own good because my heart was still in it.

The most impactful part was fully seeing (not just knowing) how interconnected everything is. The Love-relationship is just an extension of all relationships to others and yourself. You can not love and be loved by someone else, if you are out of touch and love with yourself. Also creating my “non-negational list” of what I want out of a relationship.

Learning about pattern and attachment was so helpful. Plus I now know what I have to work on further to get where I want to be: AKA inner child work. Probably the most painful and most likely (at some point) the most healing part of it all.

I have started to set boundaries, see patterns in myself and others and therefore started not to fall into a trap every single time. Which is so helpful in getting back into the ocean of dating and seeing red flags off the bat and moving on.

This is a slow and long process, but doing the work and working with Sarah has absolutely opened my eyes to see who the other person is and NOT to let them break your boundaries. Plus, setting them AND communicating them – GAME CHANGER.

The feedback may even surprise you.

If you are on the fence of working with Sarah, let me open that door for you. She is such an amazing soul. She will provide knowledge, guidance, accountability, reliance, though-love if needed, kindness and care and help you discover new ways out of whatever situation you are in. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. On top of that, you will have one of your best laughs and cries with her you didn’t think you had in you. Can’t thank Sarah enough.



4 Steps to becoming secure, confident and truly magnetic to the life you desire  and drastically improving your love life 


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