NOT having a thigh gap has many positives!

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Which after years of obsessing about how to get one this is a big thing for me to say!!

No jokes I used to have Pinterest boards just with women’s legs on it! And another one with women’s midriffs on it.

But no matter how much I worked out and dieted I never looked like the pictures because my glorious body was not shaped like theirs.

Even at my leanest, I didn’t have the tiny cinch waist and my thighs although a little further part still didn’t have the gap I wanted.

Reflecting now I know that for me it was never about the body. It was about the results I thought having this body would bring to my life.

👉🏼An amazing relationship
👉🏼Feeling accepted
👉🏼Feeling good enough
👉🏼Being loveable

But those things weren’t influenced by my thigh gap or the size of my waist.

I got to feel exactly the way I wanted to feel and create the reality I wanted by doing guess what???

The inner work of course!

I had to lift the hood and understand what was driving the deep level dissatisfaction I had with myself.

I then had to learn to take charge of my mind. To change my thought patterns and how I spoke to myself. And this is an on going process. But one which is a lot easier when you are able to accept who you are physically, mentally and emotionally.

Self-acceptance is the thing that will help you develop inner confidence and empower you to make anything you want in life happen. 

It allows you to work with yourself not against yourself. And that my friend is pure power.

And no word of a lie that deodorant between the legs works a treat that one is a Mitchum aluminium free smells like vanilla stops the ouch from a day of kissing thighs in the heat!!!

Would love to hear about your journey with your body. Feel free to email me at [email protected].

Chat soon 

S xxx ❤️❤️


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