Clear Your Throat Chakra Using a Sanskrit Vowel Chant

personal development self healing Jun 16, 2021
Thrive with Duff Sanskrit Vowel Chant

As a recovering people pleaser, I spent years with words stuck in my throat. Sometimes they might have made it to the tip of my tongue, but the one place the rarely made it was out into the energy field of the person who I wanted to voice them to, out of pure fear that they would judge me, reject me, get angry with me, unfriend me.

If you're a kindred people-pleaser, you know what I am saying!!
Oh and let's not bypass the daily feelings of frustration, resentment, being emotionally/mentally drained and feeling entirely out of whack with your overall energy, that come hand in hand when you feel like you have to please everyone in your life except you!
If you want to dig into this, you need to answer the question "why do I feel the need to people please?" because you weren't born as a people pleaser, you developed this trait for a reason.
Most of us (I am yet to meet anyone who hasn't) have a compensatory strategy (strategies) which you may not realise, are driving your current life behaviours and choices!
You developed these in your past to help you cope with pain and suffering. When you feel unsafe, unworthy, insecure, not loved and accepted, you will do anything to protect yourself and try to feel ok. You cultivated them as a way of protecting yourself from further pain and to receive acceptance.
As a result, you end up with a pretty 'funkified' belief system about what you need to do to feel safe, loved, accepted and like you are a worthy, deserving human. We buy into the belief that being ourselves is no longer enough.
People-pleasing was my primary strategy, but I relate to a lot of the others (perfectionist, comedian, caretaker, high achiever, control freak, approval seeker).
Having conscious awareness around your compensatory strategy (strategies) is the first step to understanding why you do what you do and when you know that this leads to lasting change.
My clients are always amazed at what they discover about themselves and how freeing it is to realise you are more in control of the life you create for yourself than you might think.
Wow, that was a slight tangent!! I never know where things might end up when I begin writing!!
Back to the Sanskrit alphabet, I've been experiencing random bouts of sore throat with no other symptoms.
I connected that there have been a few things crop up in my life recently, where I held back speaking my truth. Because I honestly I didn't feel in the right energy space to have a challenging conversation, which I know not having the conversation resulted in draining more of my energy.
Still, I chose the seemingly more comfortable option, which doesn't happen as much as it used to but does still happen! (I'm a work in progress human!)
But anyways I connected that this could be the reason for the random sore throats, so I decided to do a throat chakra clearing, by using the Sanskrit vowel chanting.
When I recorded the video for you, it was my third time doing it, and honestly, you will hear in the video I love it, by chanting the Sanskrit alphabet I can feel a clearing in the energetic pathways throughout a lot of my subtle body** and in real speak, I just feel fracking good afterwards!! *** The subtle body is the spiritual energy field that surrounds the physical body in several layers.

I invite you you all to try it, but especially my kindred people-pleasers! What have you got to lose?

 Happy chanting

S xxx


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