Can you relate to my past dating struggles?


  • You feel lost and confused and don't know what you keep doing wrong in dating
  • You believe you’re the problem and you aren’t good enough for the men you date
  • You struggle with clarity about who you are and what you want in love and life
  • When things don't work out you take it to heart - and end up in a funk sometimes for days and weeks 

  • You want a relationship but it also scares the absolute bejesus out of you - because what if history repeats itself?
  • On dates, you think a guy likes you - but things never progress into a relationship. And often times the guy has the audacity to disappear without any notice!

  • Or maybe you've noticed the guys you meet turn out to be toxic, time wasters, unavailable or just not your type - and you just put it down to bad luck or just having bad taste in men
  • Sometimes you feel outright lonely and sooo peed off with the fact that you’re still single in your 40s.

Do you relate to any of these? YES/NO

IF YES keep reading because me and you have a lot in common! And it just so happens I can help you change all of this - if you’re open to a helping hand. 

But only keep reading if you’re ready for a new chapter in love and life!


So basically this is what happened... 

I hit 40 and some crazy force pushed a button inside me that CATAPULTED me kinda kicking and screaming on a crazy journey of healing that helped me find myself (yup I went real deep) and transformed me, my relationships and my life beyond my wildest dreams!

I went from continually replacing one addiction with another to escape from myself and never managing to be in a healthy relationship (and on the verge of giving up)-- to learning to deeply love and accept myself (winner winner chicken dinner!)

And then as a "Brucey Bonus" I met my gem of a partner at age 42 and you're not gonna believe it I'm in the first healthy relationship of my life!!!!

WOO HOOO GO ME! (crowd roars)

And that's why I KNOW whatever you want in love and life is possible for you... because if it's possible for me it's possible for you.

But I know it isn’t always easy to believe ESPECIALLY if you’ve seen NO evidence in your life to give you any hint that this is true --I get it I do because I didn’t believe it either.

But NOW I KNOW it’s true - I met my partner on Tinder over 2 years ago - the last place I thought it would happen!

And the truth is this...

When you show up in your life as your authentic self -- grounded in confidence, secure about who you are AND what you want AND you're open to receiving what you're asking for-- you are MAGNETIC.

AND truly this means you could meet your partner anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

But getting to be that version of yourself doesn't come easily (it certainly didn't for me!) because we all have our "stuff" and our baggage that gets in our goddamn way.

So what do you need to do?

Don't worry I got you! My signature course will give you everything you need to become that magnetic version of yourself.

I created this course because I want to show you the path to take -- to guide you through the work you need to do to manifest the relationship and life you desire - whether you are in your 40s/50s or beyond - into reality. 

Just like I did!

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There are 5 Key steps to becoming Confident, Secure and Magnetic to the life and relationship you would love ... and none of them involve playing games!


In my signature program The Secure and Confident Woman in Love you are guided through each of them.

This course has been created to bring together these 5 strategies and to give you everything you need to create a new powerful and magnetic way of being in your life and confidently navigate dating step by step like you have never done before.

When entering the Secure and Confident Woman in Love Program you will be guided through:

  • Learning your Foundational Love Blueprint Profile and gaining the skills to work with it**
  • Letting go of your unique blocks and healing your childhood wounds to clear space for what you desire
  • Transforming the relationship with yourself by mastering and reprogramming the mind both conscious and unconscious 
  • Creating an effective dating strategy
  • You will have accountability to ensure you uphold new standards and a new way of being in dating and life. 

**  (Once you have awareness of this EVERYTHING changes.)

And this isn't your regular digital course.

It's special. It’s a sacred path to a new reality. It’s an experience.

It is a container for growth and transformation now and for a lifetime.

It is infused with an energy of healing, clearing, shifting, and receiving.

It guides you through all levels of healing. The conscious.The unconscious.The emotional. The energetic.The past.The present.

Through this Love and Life Accelerator experience you will: 

  • Heal things from your past that cause you to believe when anything goes wrong in dating it is your fault.
  • Reconnect with who you truly are in your soul and how you want life to be for you.

  • Understand, integrate, and apply new beliefs and standards for how life + love work for you.
  • Identify and disqualify the stories and experiences that taught you nonsense about who you are and what you get to have, do, and be.
  • Create a new powerful and magnetic way of being in your life - you will step into your self-worth and see yourself how others see you
  • You will develop a new level of self-confidence & feel secure in your own skin so you show up differently in dating
  • Begin confidently and unapologetically showing up authentically and ditching the "good girl" complex that makes you play small and people please.

  • You will let go of the past and engage in a subtle, but continual reprogramming and remoulding of your beliefs + expectations + energy based on your desires, dreams, and wishes.

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Is all of that really necessary?

Something I learnt the hard way is that if you continue to date and get into relationships without addressing your “stuff”, understanding, integrating, and applying new beliefs and standards for how life + love work for you + take a new approach to the dating process.

History has a horrible habit of repeating itself.

So when you move through these phases and approach your healing on all levels(conscious, unconscious, emotional and energetic) This gives you everything you need to build a beautiful and solid relationship with yourself.  Create a kick-ass effective dating strategy. And learn the skills you need to create a healthy and secure connection with someone.

BASICALLY you get everything you need to become secure, confident and date with ease.

And just like that...

You are in the driver's seat of your love life and life -- feelin super buzzed for the future!

The Secure and Confident Woman in Love Program Gives You All The Tools You Need To Transform You and Your Love Life in the one place! (no more  google rabbit holes!) 


4 Clear Phases

Top features

  • Phase 1-Uncovering your foundation 
  • Phase 2 - Letting Go 

  • Phase 3 - Time to transform 

  • Phase 4 - The dating Strategy 

The Content

Top features

  • The course is self-paced
  • You get 15 short but very transforming video lessons that walk you through everything step by step
  • Downloadable workbooks and tools
  • Guides to set up your dating profile and your 90-day dating strategy
  • Access to content and updates for life. 

Energy Healing Tools

Top features

You have access to the Sarah System - a combination of tools that combined with the modules creates a deep transformation:

  • Tapping routines specific to this journey 
  • 2 hypnosis tracks, created by a professional hypnotherapist specifically for this course
  • Healing meditations 

The Accountability

Top features

  • Accountability through sharing what I ask inside the course
  • Ability to ask questions inside the course
  • Access to a community of other women to share your wins.

Are there other results I can expect? so glad you asked...

Well for starters...

  • Dating stops being anxiety inducing & stressful and becomes more enjoyable
  • you have increased feelings of inner peace
  • you have this grounded confidence that is magnetic and you fully step into your self worth
  • you attract higher quality matches
  • you start rocking up to dates being unapologetically you
  • you let down the guard you open up to the relationship you want
  • you STOP settling for crap and crumbs for yourself 


You will feel inherently worthy of everything you want just for being you. You will feel excited and inspired to take action in love and life. You will uphold new and up levelled standards and as a result experience UP-LEVELLING in dating that ripples across your entire life.


Who is The Program For?

This is meant for you if you want one or all of these things to be true for you. 

You would love to… 

...Have a completely different outlook when it comes to dating - so it feels wonderful and exciting over stressful and exhausting

...Be confident enough to have direct, open and honest conversations with men while dating, and discuss what you are truly looking for in a partner

...Feel more confident and trust in your own choices in life and also in men

...Get rid of the fear to get out there and date again

...Feel chill about meeting someone and not putting any kind of pressure on yourself - but also being intentional about dating being open to what you desire 

...Trust that what you want is inevitable and stop worrying about the when

...Trust that history won't repeat itself because you won't ignore the red flags

...Have the inner peace that connects you to the feeling that no matter what happens you will be ok

...Feel empowered when dating and in relationships

...Feel less anxious in the beginning stages of dating

...Understand once and for all what’s blocking you in love and dismantle it 

...Grow and evolve and feel like your best and highest self more 

...Break the annoying oftentimes toxic love loops you keep repeating

...Be in a beautiful relationship with yourself AND an amazing partner 

...Take action, do the work and step into the shoes of the you, you want to be in love and life.

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Hear from some of the beautiful souls who decided their time had come to evolve...


When I came across Sarah on Instagram, I felt instantly drawn to her as I felt I could relate to so many things she was saying. I am in my late thirties and I was trying to navigate the world of dating, and as we all know it’s a daunting world. 

At the time of speaking to Sarah about her group programme I was lost and confused, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong in dating. Men would be really positive about me, and our dates but I couldn’t seem to progress to a relationship and most of the time he would disappear without any notice. I took all of this to heart and thought I was the problem and I wasn’t good enough for any of these men.

After the program, I honestly feel like I have a completely different outlook when it comes to dating, and it feels wonderful. I’ve learnt things about myself and my past that were causing me to believe when anything went wrong in dating it was my fault. I now show up as the person I want to be, and I can now have direct, open and honest conversations with men while dating, and discuss what I am truly looking for in a partner. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still doubt things, but Sarah has given me the tools to work through these and understand why I feel the way I feel. For the first time ever dating has been extremely fun!!



I am Marie, a jewellery designer.

I wanted to work with Sarah because I had previously worked with her and is a big fan.

Her professional experience with many many humans and her own story resonated a lot with me and I knew she would find the words and tips to help me move from being stuck in the love department.

The program is very specific and thorough which I find amazing. It targets and helps you understand how to meet the right person for you. I was just stuck into being scared of getting out there having failed so many times before and repeating the same patterns over and over. 

I also was confused about what I should do now, and how to trust my intuition again. 

After doing the program, I feel more confident in my own choices in general and also in men. I am not scared to get out there dating again. I feel chill about it without putting any kind of pressure on myself.

I also feel aware of the non-negotiables and the red flags I need to pay attention to.

Getting on this program was the right choice because meeting someone is not just about meeting the right person, it is about understanding ourselves first to be able to understand as well what we need, and what we would like in our partner and this program does all of this. And bam Magic!


My energy has changed and I feel more positive. I have been receiving more opportunities at work(headhunted for jobs!) and the fear to date has gone.


The inner child work was very impactful. Even though I was aware of some of the past trauma, actually "seeing it" and working through it helped me on the road to healing.  

I haven't yet started dating, but I have noticed that I have found my voice. At work, I don't stay quiet anymore and voice my opinions openly. I'm actually looking for new work because I know that I'm worth more than what they're currently paying me and how I'm currently being treated. I've also been more open with sharing my feelings and opinions with my friends and family, not yet to where I can say everything, but I definitely see a difference. I'm getting there. 


If you want to build your confidence, reconnect with who you are and find the world of dating fun, then this course is for you.

It is not just for your love life, I have changed my career after 11 years and truly believe the course helped me to achieve this.  I turned up as my true self in the interview process, believing that I am good enough for this role, to work in this team.  


Be prepared to discover your inner beliefs about love and life and then question them.  Reconnect with the child inside of you and learn to be kind to that little person.  If you’ve not tried mediation or tapping, Sarah has a great introduction into these therapies and it is amazing the effects it has.

I'm so ready Sarah sign me up now!

The Secure and Confident Woman in Love Program paves your path to healing the relationship with yourself and realising your worth and value as a powerful woman, and of course, finding the perfect relationship for you. 


It is YOUR personal guide, your toolkit. It’s an empowerment infusion that you will keep coming back to for life as you move through the path of healing, dating, learning to create secure connections and opening up to an incredible life. 


This course is designed to EMPOWER you to EMPOWER yourself to stop shrinking and settling in love and life this course is designed to help you make all your life desires your reality because you are worth it.

More Feedback snapshots!

"I honestly feel like I have a completely different outlook when it comes to dating, and it feels wonderful."

"For the first time ever dating has been extremely fun!!"

"The program is very specific and thorough which I find amazing. It targets and helps you understand how to meet the right person for you."

"Getting into this program was the right choice because meeting someone is not just about meeting the right person, it is about understanding ourselves first to be able to understand as well what we need, and what we would like in our partner and this program does all of this!  And bam Magic!"

"Looking at the feminine/masculine traits we all have and the impact on our dating lives was very interesting to me, not just from a dating perspective, but in my relationships with my family and work colleagues too."

"I really like how you brought together all kinds of information and modalities, from book recommendations to tapping to meditations, etc.  Nice blend of information and practices. Good progression from one stage to another."

Client K - Q&A

What was the most impactful part of the course?

Identification of negative relationship patterns and how these were sabotaging relationships and previous experiences of online dating and relationships.

What have you implemented from what you learned from me?


Making an effort to always be cognizant of negative patterns and behaviours and not allowing myself to fall back into these bad habits/ false beliefs.  

Do you have any results to share? If so, please explain in detail.

Mega results! When we started I defined success as being able to navigate online dating with confidence and trust myself not to fall into negative patterns. It's early days, but I can already see ample evidence that we have ticked this box- BOOM!

Thank you!

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Common Questions 

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In case we haven't met yet...

Hi! I’m Sarah and I know Dating and Relationships.If we haven’t officially met yet nice to meet you!

Not only do I know the exact steps you need to take to drastically improve your love life and feel like the Queen of your life. I've done this in my own life and using my system I’ve helped other women do the same.

Through a magical cocktail of deeper healing work, practical tools & resources -- I help you drastically improve the relationship with yourself -- you know to one where you feel worthy, secure and radiate grounded confidence AND I guide you through everything you need to know to date effectively.

My unique strategy brings together everything you need to transform yourself from the inside out and navigate dating step by step.

Through these methods, I met my amazing partner over 2 years ago and I've helped women just like you work through their "stuff", raise their standards in love and life and evolve into the best version of themselves and as a result, be excited about dating and open to the relationship they want.

I trust the right women will make this investment in themselves and I can't wait to see you evolve through my guidance!

And something I know to be true...without having taken the right steps and investing in myself I would still be struggling with the same "stuff" and history would still be repeating itself. 

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