So basically this is what happened...

Hitting 40 pushed a button inside me that catapulted me on this crazy journey of self-exploration and healing that transformed me, my relationships and my life -- beyond the wildest of my dreams!

So my question to you is are you ready for a new chapter in love and life?

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Whatever you want in love and life is possible for you...

But I know it isn’t always easy to believe ESPECIALLY if you’ve seen NO evidence in your life to give you any hint that this is true --I get it I do because I didn’t believe it either.

But NOW I KNOW it’s true and I want to show you the path to take and the work to do that will make the relationship and life you would love to be living your reality.

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There are 4 Key steps to becoming Confident, Secure and Magnetic to the life and relationship you would love ... and none of them involve playing games!

These strategies have been created to bring together everything you need to build your self-worth, transform yourself from the inside out and feel confident navigating dating step by step.

In the Secure and Confident Woman in Love program I will guide you through:

  • Learning your Foundational Love Blueprint Profile and gaining the skills to work with it**
  • Figuring out what's in the way of you and what you want and then removing it
  • Letting go of the past
  • Deep transformation of the mind both conscious and unconscious
  • Creating an effective dating strategy

**  (Once you have awareness of this EVERYTHING changes.)

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If you want to build your confidence, reconnect with who you are and find the world of dating fun, then this course is for you.  The women in the group are from all over the world and are so inspiring and supportive.  It is lovely to speak with other people who are going through similar phases in their lives.  Looking at the feminine/masculine traits we all have and the impact on our dating lives was very interesting to me, not just from a dating perspective, in my relationships with my family and work colleagues too.


It is not just for your love life, I have changed my career after 11 years and truly believe the course helped me to achieve this.  I turned up as my true self in the interview process, believing that I am good enough for this role, to work in this team.  


Be prepared to discover your inner beliefs about love and life and then question them.  Reconnect with the child inside of you and learn to be kind to that little person.  If you’ve not tried mediation or tapping, Sarah has a great introduction into these therapies and it is amazing the effects it has.


I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Sarah, she offers lifelong support and is such a wonderful person to talk to and work with.  I truly believe that my life is happier and richer having joined this group.

So...what's the point of these strategies anyway?

Something I learnt the hard way is that if you continue to date without developing a solid relationship with yourself -- a particular set of skills and without having an effective dating strategy history has a horrible habit of repeating it's self.

So these 4 phases guide you through the exact work you need to do to build that solid relationship with yourself, teach you the skills you need and help you create a kick ass dating strategy.

BASICALLY you get everything you need to become secure, confident and date with ease. To finally feel like you are in the drivers seat of your life and love life AND just feel freaking excited for your future!

What are the results I can expect? so glad you asked!

Well for starters...

  • Dating stops being anxiety inducing & stressful and becomes more enjoyable
  • you have increased feelings of inner peace 
  • you have this grounded confidence that is magnetic
  • you attract higher quality matches
  • you start rocking up to dates being unapologetically you
  • you let down the guard you open up to the relationship you want
  • you STOP settling for crap and crumbs for yourself 

And that's not all...

You will feel inherently worthy of everything you want and with that you will feel excited and inspired to take action in love and life. You will uphold new and up levelled standards and as a result experience an UP-LEVELLING in your dating life that it ripples across your entire life.


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Hi! I’m Sarah and I know Dating and Relationships.If we haven’t officially met yet nice to meet you!

Not only do I know the exact steps you need to take to drastically improve your love life and feel like the Queen of your life. I've done this in my own life and using my system I’ve helped other women do the same.

Through a magical cocktail of deeper healing work, practical tools & resources -- I help you drastically improve the relationship with yourself -- you know to one where you feel worthy, secure and radiate grounded confidence AND I guide you through everything you need to know to date effectively.

My unique strategy brings together everything you need to transform yourself from the inside out and navigate dating step by step. Through these methods, I've helped women just like you to feel more confident, secure and actually excited about dating.

Can't wait to guide you and watch you evolve!


I am Marie, a jewellery designer.

I wanted to work with Sarah because I had previously worked with her and am a big fan.

Her professional experience with many many humans and her own story resonated a lot with me and I knew she would find the words and tips to help me move from being stuck in the love department.

The program is very specific and thorough which I find amazing. It targets and helps you understand how to meet the right person for you. I was just stuck into being scared of getting out there having failed so many times before and repeating the same patterns over and over. 

I also was confused about what I should do now, and how to trust my intuition again. 

After doing the program, I feel more confident in my own choices in general and also in men. I am not scared to get out there dating again. I feel chill about it without putting any kind of pressure on myself.

I also feel aware of the non-negotiables and the red flags I need to pay attention to.

I think getting on this program was the right choice because meeting someone is not just about meeting the right person, it is about understanding ourselves first to be able to understand as well what we need, and what we would like in our partner and this program does all of this.

And bam Magic!


My energy has changed and I feel more positive. I have been receiving more opportunities at work(headhunted for jobs!) and the fear to date has gone.


The inner child work was very impactful. Even though I was aware of some of the past trauma, actually "seeing it" and working through it helped me on the road to healing.  

I haven't yet started dating, but I have noticed that I have found my voice. At work, I don't stay quiet anymore and voice my opinions openly. I'm actually looking for new work because I know that I'm worth more than what they're currently paying me and how I'm currently being treated. I've also been more open with sharing my feelings and opinions with my friends and family, not yet to where I can say everything, but I definitely see a difference. I'm getting there. 

Who is The Program For?

  • The woman who is ready to be in the relationship she dreams of and is sick of not being able to make it happen
  • The woman who feels anxious, confused and soul destroyed by the dating process and wants to feel secure, confident and be armed with the tools to make the process of dating enjoyable & less stressful
  • The woman who is struggling to understand what’s blocking her in love 
  • The woman who wants to be in a relationship but is scared of getting hurt
  • The woman who understands that investing in her growth and a process is the only way not stay stuck in the same loop in her love life
  • The woman who is an action taker and is actually going to IMPLEMENT the information she is given inside the program.

Common Questions 

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Hi my name is Susanne and I am working as an IT Project Manager. I wanted to work with Sarah because I ended a very toxic, narcissistic and codependent relationship. Even though I ended it, I had a hard time letting that person go for my own good because my heart was still in it.

The most impactful part was fully seeing (not just knowing) how interconnected everything is. The Love-relationship is just an extension of all relationships to others and yourself. You can not love and be loved by someone else, if you are out of touch and love with yourself. Also creating my “non-negational list” of what I want out of a relationship.

Learning about pattern and attachment was so helpful. Plus I now know what I have to work on further to get where I want to be: AKA inner child work. Probably the most painful and most likely (at some point) the most healing part of it all.

I have started to set boundaries, see patterns in myself and others and therefore started not to fall into a trap every single time. Which is so helpful in getting back into the ocean of dating and seeing red flags off the bat and moving on.

This is a slow and long process, but doing the work and working with Sarah has absolutely opened my eyes to see who the other person is and NOT to let them break your boundaries. Plus, setting them AND communicating them – GAME CHANGER.

The feedback may even surprise you.

If you are on the fence of working with Sarah, let me open that door for you. She is such an amazing soul. She will provide knowledge, guidance, accountability, reliance, though-love if needed, kindness and care and help you discover new ways out of whatever situation you are in. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. On top of that, you will have one of your best laughs and cries with her you didn’t think you had in you. Can’t thank Sarah enough.



When I came across Sarah on Instagram, I felt instantly drawn to her as I felt I could relate to so many things she was saying. I am in my late thirties and I was trying to navigate the world of dating, and as we all know it’s a daunting world. 

At the time of speaking to Sarah about her group programme I was lost and confused, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong in dating. Men would be really positive about me, and our dates but I couldn’t seem to progress to a relationship and most of the time he would disappear without any notice. I took all of this to heart and thought I was the problem and I wasn’t good enough for any of these men.

Fast forward 12 weeks working with Sarah and I honestly feel like I have a completely different outlook when it comes to dating, and it feels wonderful. I’ve learnt things about myself and my past that were causing me to believe when anything went wrong in dating it was my fault. I now show up as the person I want to be, and I can now have direct, open and honest conversations with men while dating, and discuss what I am truly looking for in a partner. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still doubt things, but Sarah has given me the tools to work through these and understand why I feel the way I feel.

I was worried about being part of a group coaching group, as I find it hard to talk and open up in group situations, but I couldn’t be happier that I took that leap of faith. The other women in the group were so amazing, and we all went on our journeys together. One of the best parts was the fact you didn’t feel alone with your worries of the dating world, as most of you were feeling the same way or had experienced the same situations. I would have no hesitation in recommending this group to anyone looking to become more secure and confident in themselves. For the first time ever dating has been extremely fun!!