Hi, I'm Sarah Duff and I help you heal the relationship with yourself, break negative relationship patterns and become open to manifesting the relationship you dream of.

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Imagine a life where you felt as confident in your skin as Beyonce and loved yourself like Samantha from Sex in The City.

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Hello love and welcome.

Can I be real with you? It's very weird writing a page about yourself so let’s get the awkward bit out of the way!

Hi, my name is Sarah Eleanor Duff born on March 23rd 1978. I am a dating and self-love coach who helps women break negative relationship patterns, heal their relationship with themselves and manifest everything they desire in love and life.

I’ve lived a colourful life full of mistakes and struggles with self-worth. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to dating and men. And I really thought I was going to be the old cat lady!

But at the age of 40, I began to turn a corner as I healed my relationship with myself. As I shed the layers of programming and false beliefs I had been buying into things really began to shift internally and externally.

And I actually manifested my amazing partner at age 42 and we have been in this wonderful long-distance relationship for 2 years! (London -NYC)

Anyway one day all of this will be a book! Because let’s just say between the above and the years I spent hardcore partying, 12 years as an international air hostess, the endless man drama, and a few years spent in the world of bodybuilding dabbling with fitness modelling I’ve got some stories!!

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Imagine waking up every day as the version of yourself that's overflowing with self-belief and has a zest for life because the life you created you, love, feels confident in your skin and has high self-worth so settles for nothing.

You have the relationship you always dreamt of. Your health goals that for so long caused you so much stress are happening with ease and you can't remember the last time you ate your feelings.

You don't even know how to explain to anyone how different you feel on the inside so you simply describe it as feeling liberated and peaceful.

This can be your reality and I can show you how.



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